Started Couch to 5K

We have two dogs: Moey (MoJo) and Shelti (cleverly a sheltie). Shelti is older (13+) and has a bit of arthritis. Moey is a white fluffy shepherd mix.

A and I took the two of them out for a walk last night. A has an athletic build but a video game mind. He and his sister D recently got a pedometer-powered Pokemon game so he had a little motivation to beat his sister. We didn’t go very far, but enough to exhaust Shelti and lose A’s interest.

Afterwards I took Moey out for the first Couch to 5K workout. As a former runner and constant walker I didn’t expect it to be very difficult. Indeed, the running intervals were short and comfortable (60 seconds running, 90 seconds walking), but I was pleasantly suprised to feel a bit of a challenge towards the end in my legs. Moey was pretty wiped out by the end (he has previously accompanied me on 5 mi runs) so he might be a bit out of shape too.

All in all good. I’m not sore today except residual soreness from the killer yoga session on Monday (more challenging than I had gotten used to). My knees are a little better too (felt weird from that same class).

Meeting a friend for lunch today. :)

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