Zombies Run!! (sometimes I do too)

The dog and I do this thing where we run. This was from today (we didn’t run through that).



And then we sleep. Well, one of us does. The other one goes to work.



Sometimes we see pretty things.



We’re getting to know the area.








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Last year

My last post was nearly a year ago. I’m pleased to report that I made it through the C25K program then. However, I ran into problems with staying motivated DURING the runs.

First I had a run where I did the first ten minutes and then decided to walk for a little bit (5 mins or so). Once I did that I was able to complete the workout. I started doing 5-10 minutes run/5 mins walk/entire workout which messed up my left knee some. Or was it my right? I think it was left.

After that I ended up in a rut where I couldn’t make myself complete each run. For a while I figured it was no biggie and if I did run/walk intervals then it didn’t matter. My times ended up being around the same since I would run so slowly if I did run the whole way.

I did a “biathlon” in June where you run a 5k and then bike 10 miles. Many people — and all the people at my pace — just ran/walked the 5k. When I got to the bike part, my bike was the last left in the rack. Well I got it all done, but I finished dead freaking last. I wasn’t too upset about it. It was actually kinda cool because everyone cheered for me at the finish line! My husband and A were third and second to last but they were just enjoying a nice bike ride. I think A really likes the casual bike rides, and I may too. My bike split was on the slower side, but again I just didn’t mind that much. I was a bit disappointed in the 5k though, but it had been just like practices where I ran/walked and walked more than ran.

I gave up on the running after that.

In some ways it was quite successful though because I finished the program (yay! Mucho thanks to my accountability partner, Megan). Additionally I liked that I was finally able to get into the “zone” (first time since Africa) where I didn’t mind running. I didn’t need music and I didn’t have to force myself to like it. I am disappointed that I kept ending up in the mental block against running during the runs though.

So that was last year.


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I… read Janae’s blog yesterday (don’t know the specific post since it was in my reader) and she mentioned liking a girl’s Instagram, so I checked it out and liked it so I joined Instagram and chose the username “ILrunner” because I still think about it and I love running more than most things in the world and it’s still a bit of my identity even though I haven’t really run since Africa (summer 2013), though I’ve tried several times, but I friended my sister and my mom and then felt like a fraud for using “ILrunner” as my name since I haven’t run in forever, so I put on the (tags on) Brooks Utopia II tights that I bought back in October (?) that still actually fit – I fit in a L.. from BROOKS. If that’s not a win for the day, then only having RUN yesterday is it! AND that was an awesome run on sentence.

I just did C25K 1-1, but you gotta start somewhere. Again. Anyway, no promises, but maybe I’ll do it again.. successfully. But we’ll see.

I started a new (additional) job a few weeks back. And this is probably one of my two posts for this year. Ick.


purple running shoes

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So I ran yesterday (for the first time in a week.. before that, probably the last time I posted here). It was awesome-ish. The one a week ago was better in terms of not feeling winded. And now my heel hurts again. I’m thinking it’s PF, but it’s just in my heel, so that’s a little weird.

That’s all I’ve got!

Oh yeah! Pretty new shoes! Mizuno Wave Inspire 13

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I had something rather traumatic happen in my life on Monday. I’m trying to recover. It’s a bittersweet ending to something beautiful, but the commencement of a more independent life.

I’ve been horribly down for the last few days, but today I woke up with some peace about it. When it first happened, I wanted to go to yoga. Unfortunately the one I like wasn’t offered then, but it is today. So I’m going to go.

I’m so hesitant to proclaim something new, so maybe this is just a one-time event. If nothing else, it will continue my feeling of empowerment. We’ll see.



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Happy birthday, me! :)

My favorite card this birthday. I can’t stop making up voices for the bunny. :)


image image image image image

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RIP Mr. Garmin


I mentioned in my last post that my Garmin (Forerunner 610) has bit the dust. RIP Mr. Garmin.

It was getting slower to respond then one day refused to react to any stimuli, plugged in or not. I’ve contacted Garmin. For $99+tax, they will replace it with a refurbished unit. If it was still under warranty it would be FREE. I laid down some hefty money for that thing, so $99 seems doable.

I miss my numbers. I want to know my pace, I want to get my 3.00 (errr… 3.01) mile runs, I want to record all my runs on garmin.com and sync them to dailymile.com. THIS WAS MY LIFE. It gave my running structure, routine, control.

But without my Garmin, I’m ok. I run and don’t worry about the time or pace. I’ve been focusing just on distance. It’s weird not checking my wrist every few minutes for my pace, but it’s ultimately a healthier way to run. I think there are advantages to each and I’d never try out running without it unless forced to. Of course when I get it back I’m sure I’ll be glued to it again, but for now I’m ok without it.

Do you rely on numbers when you workout? Or are you more about enjoying the experience (ie, Zumba)?

Have you ever bought refurbished items to save some money? Good experience, bad experience? I want to know what to expect….

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I ran! I should be congratulated.

I’m stealing a bit from Jenae’s post today, but can you blame me? I’ve followed her back when she first started and have loved her blog ever since. I took my running blog hiatus (thank you, Google Reader), but came back to her having a beautiful little girl and a not so beautiful divorce. She’s had some changes but one of the bigger changes that might resonate with my experience is that she’s not so driven by the numbers anymore. She’s not as crazy speed-demon-focused as she was before. I dunno. I just enjoy reading her blog. :)


Today I got up “early” with Jim (normal time for most people, early for me since I start work at noon). We have a heat advisory starting at noon so I knew I had to make up for last night’s lack of run early in the morning. Man, am I glad I did! I ran in 75ish degree weather with a similar heat index. By the time I got back it was up to 85 and climbing. It’s only 10:00AM, and we’re already at 101 degree heat index.

Did you see that part where I ran? I RAN! I walked 0.5 mile, ran 1 mile, walked 0.5 mile. I was happy with sticking to that full mile running. I know, I know, I said all that stuff about walk-running being the same as running, but I can still be proud of the little differences and improvements.

I’m definitely not “there” yet since it’s only been two runs and a few days in between them, but I’m a little sad for the day to come when me running isn’t news. At the same time, that means I have a good running habit!

AND! I ran, didn’t use music or a podcast, and didn’t get bored. THAT’s news too.

I didn’t eat so well this past weekend. Turns out…


Back on the wagon with eating. I’ve been tracking food at my old home back on myplate. That profile has seen me through all my weight loss and gain. Turns out food is just as important as exercise. Who knew?

Tonight dinner is little caprese pizzas. Jim and I had already planned out our dinner, then I was surprised to see Jenae had the same thing last night. I hope ours turns out as well as hers! Enough Jenae talk. There really are other people in my life. I don’t even know her! She doesn’t even go here! More home-grown tomatoes. More home-grown basil. :)



Do you or have you tracked your food?

What are some of your favorite blogs?

How hot does it get where you are?

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I had every intention to run….

Let’s see, Wednesday through Sunday (today)?

Work, work, skipped small group because I was tired and wanted to be home. Work, got cranky on the phone with Jim.

Saturday I woke up around 10:30 to get to Midway Airport by 12:35, when Jim was supposed to fly in. Well, I didn’t leave the CU area until 11:15 which made me, oh, at least 45 minutes late. Turns out there were some fierce thunderstorms around Chicago, and his plane had to take the “long way around,” which meant I only circled the terminal three times before I met him. Talk about good timing!

Because Midway is so close to my mom’s (and because Jim is such a patient guy), we visited with her and her new “boyfriend” for a couple hours. We helped her move a dresser up to her guest room (no small feat) before heading back down. We did meet aforementioned thunderstorms, but we weathered (haha) most of them at the house.

Fast-forward to today.

After lots of sleep we made it to church (yay!). It’s been a while for us. We sneaked in late, sat in front, then reseated next to some friends. It was a good message about worship. My communion cup had a bug-floater-something in it. I felt a little guilty for not drinking it, but eww!

After a lovely stop at Starbucks, we headed home to attack the cleaning of the house. I wrote a blog post about a book my therapist and I are going through, and we made bruschetta chicken pasta, sans the chicken, a la TGIF. We had tomatoes and basil from the garden (seriously, is there anything that smells more pleasant than basil?), balsamic, pasta, and olive oil (including a new jug of olive oil straight from Italy–Jim went there with his mom a couple weeks back). Small win for not having to drive to the store!

And I was going to run, but lordy–90 degrees with a heat index of 107? No thank you. I’ll try my bets tomorrow morning.


Do you go to church? Do you like your church? What keeps you going?

What’s your favorite herb?

What’s your ideal temperature?

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The Day Elizabeth Ran

That’s right, kiddos. I RAN. It was wonderful.

My Garmin broke. This has been a convenient excuse for a while because I am ALL about the numbers. It was freeing to not use it on this first run. I had few expectations. I ran for a while, I walked for a while, ran for a while, walked for a while. In all I went around 3 miles, most of it walking, but no pressure.

I’m often jealous (envious? or just admiring?) of my coworker who talks about going 6, 7 miles a few times a week. “If only I can go 5 miles,” has always been my goal. I LOVE going further, but 5 miles has always been the standard for me. It seems like a good distance to just up and go. Anyway, I found out she only runs for the cardio benefits and actually stops to walk a decent amount.

If you walk more than half of a half marathon, don’t you still say you ran a half marathon? Yes. If I walk 2 miles and run 1, am I still a runner? Yes. I did both my marathons at a run 1 mile, walk 1 minute schedule.

photo 2

What do you think? Does running+walking equal running?

What are your plans for the weekend?

Do you run or are you working your way up to running?

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